CMC Universal Club no. 2, 1885

This Universal Club No.2 was the cheapest model the Coventry Machinists Co. offered for the first time in their catalogue of 1885. 
It features cone bearings in the rear hub, and non-adjustable single ball bearings at the front. I guess that means the whole fork has to be changed if the bearing is worn??? Sliding end of the sping is very simple of construction.
Yet, it has a hollow front fork and the good CMC-finish.
Remarkable is that the brake lever has the same model as the more expensive versions, but it's not made with horn but of hollow pressed steel. Works as good, I guess.

Click the picture to see my pictures of serial nr. 4206x (can't read the last digit), built in 1885. It was restored and painted in a fantasy pattern. All in all it's a very original bicycle.  At the end of this series I added a few pics of the opened (non-adjustble) front bearings of a similar bicycle.